Charter a Citation XLS - Private Jet Charter

The Citation XLS is one of the most popular private jet charter aircraft in Europe.

Overview Summary

The Citation XLS is a popular and successful aircraft which is suitable for up to 8 passengers and baggage, for flights across Europe or within the US. The XLS is the upgrade to its predecessor, the Citation XL, with quieter air conditioning and smoother braking.


  • 7/8 seat configuration
  • Built in restroom
  • Cost-effective to charter
  • Large baggage carrying capacity

Comfort & Size

The XLS's quiet cabin offers spacious seats for up to 8 passengers. The cabin has a hot and cold drinks area, and an internal storage area.


Luggage Capacity90 cu.ft.
ModelCitation XLS
Speed420 kts
Interior Height1.65 m
Purchase Price$14 000 000
ClassificationMedium Jet
Range1850 nm
Interior Width1.7 m



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