Charter a Beech BE200 Super King Air - Private Jet Charter

The next generation of the highly successful King Air turboprops.

Overview Summary

Step inside the next-generation Beechcraft King Air B200 and you are immediately steeped in a sense of awe. This is the aircraft that changed an industry and now stands alone as the most successful turbine-powered business aircraft model of all time. It earned this distinction by establishing and maintaining a tradition of engineering excellence and exceptional value.

The King Air can often be cheaper for customers when compared to light jets on short routes. The aircraft does however fly very slightly slower.

The King Air is a very versatile aircraft. It is used across the world by the military and also for medical excursion flights.


  • Spacious Cabin
  • 9 seat configuration
  • Offers access to airports with shorter runways
  • Pressurised cabin

Comfort & Size

Featuring enhancements like a Collins Pro Line 21® avionics package and the quietest cabin ever, the latest King Air B200 offers greater capability, comfort and dependability than any other comparable airplane.


ModelBeech BE200 Super King Air
Speed226 kts
Range1500 nm
Luggage Capacity59 cu.ft.
Interior Height1.78 m
Interior Width1.4 m